The Trust Approach

All secondary schools in the Seckford Education Trust share the same vision and ethos which is rooted in our ‘6Cs to Success’. We believe our ethos sets us apart, this page gives a flavour of how.

Further detail about the ethos can be found in the prospectus for each school. You will find the prospectuses on our free school websites using the links on the right.


Everyone is expected to work together to achieve the Trust’s vision and support one another to realise their personal objectives.  Our staff aim to improve aspirations and to greatly increase rates of progress and achievement.  We also work very closely with primary feeder schools and local further education providers to ensure a smooth transition for students once they join and / or leave us.

We believe parental involvement is essential to the provision of a successful education. We are fully committed to developing a positive home-school partnership, issuing half-termly reports to allow parents / carers to track the progress of their children throughout the academic year.


Our students develop a Personal Education Plan (PEP) with their tutor and parents / carers at the start of each academic year.  During this process they set out their own personal, academic and career goals and are expected to commit wholeheartedly to the realisation of them.  Progress is regularly monitored and, where necessary, interventions are put in place by our staff to address any underachievement.

Teachers and other support staff at our school are employed because of their commitment to the Trust’s vision and to achieving the very best outcomes for all students regardless of ability or need. To this end, the Trust offers comprehensive professional development opportunities to ensure this vision becomes a sustainable reality.


We see confidence as an essential employability skill so this is carefully nurtured in all students at our schools.  Our staff provide lots of opportunities in lessons and during extra-curricular activities for their students to take charge of their own learning.  We encourage our students to have the confidence to ask questions and challenge anything that is preventing them from achieving their goals. If a student truly believes in themselves then they can achieve their aspirations.


We take pride in the fact that we are here because of our community and take time to involve them in the education process and the life of our schools.  We promote our students’ understanding of community on local, regional, national and international levels. Our students are asked to consider their contribution to the wider world.

Our excellent pastoral system and the relationships between all members of our school communities are vital to the success of all our students. Our school community is deliberately small and staff are expected to know all students names and needs. Staff and students eat lunch together in our school restaurants which furthers positive relationships.  Other than Year 7, our year groups are mixed during tutor time and students take part in weekly assemblies and many other whole-school activities throughout the year.  Our schools have a strong focus on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students.


Our schools were established to raise both aspirations and standards and this has been built into all that we do. We have high expectations in terms of progress and achievement.  Our schools are fully inclusive.

We promote healthy competition and empower our students to approach each challenge positively as part of their journey to achieving their personal goals.  Students are expected to support each other through a positive attitude to learning that helps everyone to make progress.

We do not offer vocational qualifications at any of our schools. We offer a traditional, broad and balanced curriculum based on academic and creative subjects, in which more time is allocated to the study of English and Maths.  Weekly enrichment time is also a core component of our offer and all subjects develop literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

Our motto is “providing a foundation for life” and we believe our curriculum provides our students with the skills and ability to go on to do anything they wish after leaving us.


Our schools all take the time to recognise the progress and achievements of students and staff (both in and outside school).  There are many opportunities for our students to celebrate their successes during their time with us. Students families and the wider community are invited to share in this process.

Our ethos is an integral part of our vision. Click here to find out more our values.

The primary schools in the Trust share the ethos ‘Enjoy, Achieve, Thrive’.

We recognise when children enjoy they become a successful learner who:
  • Enjoys learning and develops an enquiring mind;
  • Is motivated, confident and independent learners;
  • Has research and problem solving skills.
We recognise when children achieve they become confident individuals who:
  • Can form and maintain relationships and work independently or in a team;
  • Is aware of their strengths and areas to develop;
  • Can set themselves goals and work to fulfil their potential;
  • Take risks and can feel a sense of achievement;
  • Has self-esteem,
  • Can deal with change and uncertainty.
We recognise that when children are thriving they become a valued member of the community who:
  • Have a voice, join in and feel valued;
  • Is aware of and is able to express their own feelings and has empathy for the feelings of others;
  • Behaves responsibly;
  • Is aware of their rights;
  • Takes pride in their own culture and is able to respect the culture of others;
  • Make informed choices about health, relationships and behaviour;
  • Are treated as unique and individual citizens;
  • Is able to reflect on experiences which are personal and full of wonder.