As a Trust we recognise the importance of educating our students to promote positive, respectful behaviour towards others. We want them to develop a strong sense of right from wrong and distinguish how their actions can impact others, and to adapt positively.

Behaving respectfully towards others has recently taken the national spotlight, with numerous stories in the press regarding behaviours, such as harassment. We aim to be proactive in following the national narrative, to ensure we play our part in supporting and developing our students into respectful and caring adults.

Therefore, as part of the Trust’s Personal Social Health Education (PHSE) programme, we have held additional session on respectful behaviour. The materials have been written by the NSPCC and are designed to help young people in identifying the features of positive relationships, as well as recognising concerning behaviours and how to access support.

The session was led by Team Leaders and Tutors, with our Pastoral Teams being available after the sessions to answer any questions that students might have and to offer further support or guidance.

Our students and your children are the next generation who can create change and be a positive impact on society if they are educated now. They also need to be encouraged to seek support, or speak up against disrespectful or harmful behaviour, should they need to.

To support this, during our final few days this term, students received messages about respectful behaviour towards others, as well as a support card, which contains information to enable them to seek support should their experience behaviour towards them, or their friends, be disrespectful or harmful.

This enables us to create the right environment to fully support students who need it and follow up to ensure we are educating students about these issues.

Please do reach out to your child’s Team Leader or Tutor for further information or to ask any questions.