The Seckford Education Trust (SET) has today announced that the proposed merger of SET Maidstone (infants school) and SET Causton (junior school) in Felixstowe has been approved by the Regional Schools Commissioner. The two schools will merge to form one all-through primary school from 1 September 2022.

The proposed reduction in Pupil Admission Numbers for Reception Year from 75 to 45 has also been approved. A move that was made in recognition of a significant trend in falling pupil numbers in Felixstowe and the region, which mirrors the falling birth rates in the area.

SET Maidstone, an infant school for pupils aged 3 to 7, will close and all pupils will join SET Causton, currently a junior school for ages 7 to 11. The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Unit at SET Maidstone will be relocated to SET Causton.

Head of School Lucy Thompson said: “Now that the merger of SET Maidstone and SET Causton Schools has been approved, maintaining the small school feel and ensuring our SEND unit doesn’t change are our top priorities”.

“As both schools are already managed by one Head of School and are less than 350 meters from each other I’m confident that the transition into one community will be smooth”.

Head of School Lucy Thompson with SET Maidstone and Causton Pupils

Seckford Education Trust is now encouraging parents, carers, and other stakeholders to take part in community events where they will have the opportunity to see the building plans and be involved in the naming of the school.

Lucy said: “We want to hear from parents, carers and staff about how we can best prepare for the newly merged school, and we encourage people to come along. There will also be the opportunity for the community to name the new school. As so many different people are involved in the lives of our children, we really want to involve them in deciding the new school’s name”.   

To contact the school with any further comments please email with the subject heading ‘SET School Merger’ or call 01394 283375.

For more information about the community events visit

or call 01394 283375.