Careers Guidance

“It is vitally important that young people have access to good and realistic information and guidance about the full range of career pathways available to them.” – Ofsted, Going in the right direction? 2013 Careers education is seen as a cornerstone of the preparation we give students as they progress from Year 7 to Year


SET Schools are confident and happy places. Our students receive excellent pastoral care and support in a small School setting. Our staff know each of their students as individuals. We have worked in close collaboration with our students and their families to put in place clear and open channels of communication. Parents/carers are informed at

Special Educational Needs

SET Schools are non-selective and inclusive Schools. It will cater for students of all levels and abilities and a range of emotional and social needs. Seckford Education Trust believes in providing a broad and balanced, academically focussed curriculum in which inclusive practices enable access for all students. Each School has at least one qualified SENCO who is


E-Safety awareness for all students and their parents/carers is essential to ensure they are aware of the risks they face online and how they can keep themselves safe. Smart phones now make it possible to access the internet and social networking apps/sites at any time – making it more difficult to supervise your child’s access.

County Lines

County Lines exploitation is when gangs and organised crime networks use vulnerable children, usually from urban areas, to courier drugs and money to suburban and rural locations. Vulnerable children are targeted by gangs and groomed, threatened or tricked into trafficking drugs for them. The gangs use mobile phone lines to facilitate their activity and use