Each SET School is a uniformed school.  All of our students, without exception, wear the same uniform. We believe this fosters a strong sense of unity and identity.

We would ask that parents/carers to support us by ensuring their child attends school each day in the correct attire with the necessary equipment to learn.

Secondary School Uniform

  • A white shirt or blouse with either short or long sleeves (not ¾ length)
  • Clip-on school tie (blouses must therefore have a top button to allow a tie to be worn at all times)
  • Black blazer with the school’s logo on the breast pocket
  • Charcoal grey trousers (non-flared, non-clingy and non-cropped)
  • Charcoal grey pleated skirt with overcheck (blue/green/red depending on school)
  • Black socks (please note knee-high socks are not part of our uniform). Students may wear 70 or 80 denier plain black tights. No other style, colour or thicknesses of tights are acceptable.
  • Shoes should be flat and black leather. High heels, boots, sandals, canvas style plimsolls and trainers, including black trainers, are not permitted.
  • Coats should be plain black or navy (no denim, leather or sportswear)

PE Kit

  • School hoodie with logo
  • White sports polo (for indoor sport) with logo
  • Rugby shirt (for outdoor sport) with school logo
  • Athletic black skort or shorts
  • Black hockey/football socks/White ankle socks
  • Trainers with non-marking soles
  • Studded Football boots
  • Shin pads
  • Towel
  • Unbranded black tracksuit bottoms with a single thin white stripe (optional)

Uniform expectations

  • Students can wear discreet make-up to school however nail varnish is not permitted.
  • Acrylic nails are not permitted.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not allowed, parents/carers will be asked to have the hairstyle changed to an acceptable style and the student will work in isolation until this is done.
  • Hairstyles should be of a natural colour.
  • Just one plain stud per ear is permitted, if other items of jewellery are worn they will be confiscated and placed in the school safe.  Parents/carers will then have two months to collect the items in person before they are donated to a local charity.
  • Body piercings are not allowed. If students come to school with pierced body jewellery, they will be asked to remove it. Until this is done, the student will work in isolation.
  • Outdoor coats should not be worn during lessons or in school buildings.

Primary School Uniform

  • White shirts, polo shirts or blouses;
  •  Plain grey skirts, pinafore dresses or trousers;
  • Plain grey, white or bottle green socks or tights;
  • Bottle green sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans with SET logo;
  • Green check summer dress.

PE Kit

PE Kit should be kept at school during the week in a draw-string bag marked clearly with your child’s name:

  • Bottle green PE t-shirt with SET logo;
  • Black shorts;
  • Black plimsolls.

At SET Schools we will expect uniforms to be worn smartly and with pride!