Welcome to the Seckford Education Trust Teaching and Learning Blog. Every week we aim to publish an article and share ideas and successes from all of our schools – primary and secondary. We hope that the blog will spark conversation about teaching and learning, encouraging cross-Trust working and demonstrate the passion we, as a Trust community have for both teaching and learning.

Below is the first blog of the new academic year from SET Ixworth Headteacher, Mark Barrow

At SET, like many of other schools and Trusts across the country, we will start the new year afresh with a desire to identify and fulfil those promises and ambitions we have set for ourselves for the coming year. Our colleagues are so dedicated and committed that I have no doubt that this will be another highly successful year. As a staff community we continue to develop our collective resilience in order that we can set our own agenda for the very many students across our schools.

With that said, our Teaching and Learning agenda for 2019-20 is an ambitious one. Our work on the curriculum continues and this year will continue to see our subject communities coming together to shape their respective curricula and to look for organic links between and across subjects that will further unlock learning for our students.

At SET we will continue to focus on a knowledge-rich curriculum as knowledge empowers, allows comprehension and is generative. The fact that knowledge is generative and therefore ‘sticky’ means that we will also continue to work on the practical advice from Rosenshine, particularly around modelling (and questioning) and methods of retrieval practice.

Finally – and following the fantastic conference with Ruth Everett back in July on recall strategies, many of the future blogs will focus on routines that support students in their capacity to build knowledge and apply it in ever more complex ways, based on secure recall, as well as top tips on effective feedback and assessment.

Do watch this space!