Cross Trust Teaching and Learning Groups

On the 26 June 2019, we had our first Cross Trust Teaching and Learning Conference. Ruth Everett was our key note speaker and we had lead colleagues from Saxmundham, Ixworth and Beccles School. IES Breckland, Holbrook Academy and Causton and Maidestone Primary Schools. Ruth presented to us on:

•             Reading Comprehension: the essential differences between decoding and comprehending reading fluency;

•             Closing the Vocabulary Gap: need to explicitly teach tiers 2 and 3 of vocabulary through morphology and etymology to try to close the vocabulary gap;

•             She ended with an outline of Rosenshine’s 10 Principles of Direct Instruction and link to Willingham’s Cognitive Load Theory; working and long term memory and literacy.

The idea of these Cross Trust Teaching and Learning groups and conferences is to set up a cohort of shared practice and ideas, which are driven and modeled out into each of the schools, creating a teaching and learning community. Over the academic year 2019-2020 a new Teaching and Learning blog will be uploaded onto the Trust website, ideas from these groups can then be publicly tracked and shared through this media. The dates of the next Teaching and Learning conferences where we have sessions being delivered from Ross Morrison McGill and Christine Counsell are:

•             Wednesday 9 October 2019

•             Wednesday 4 December 2019

•             Friday 10 January 2020

•             Friday 17 April 2020

These are some quotes from colleagues who attended the conference.

“It was refreshing to spend time just discussing teaching and learning with colleagues. There were thought provoking ideas that made us question our practice and debate how we could tweak collegiate pedagogy thinking in a manageable and sustainable way to improve outcomes. Particularly for long term retention.” Melanie Herod, Beccles School.

“I found Ruth Everett inspiring. Her approach is refreshing: particularly her ability to make complex pedagogical concepts relatable and applicable to our practice.  Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of why something works, and Ruth’s way of delivering evidence-based advice with reference to the Education Endowment Foundation makes it easy for me to now make recommendations in my school.

I am delivering a CPD session with two colleagues in September, aiming to embed some of Ruth’s teaching on Oral Language Interventions to improve literacy in every classroom. I have begun my own journey here, as with the principles of Rosenshine’s work; it’s going to take me a while to get there, but I’ve got an idea now of what that next level of excellence looks like.

Thank you for inviting us to join you. I would be delighted to continue that partnership in some form.” Kerrick Newstead, Holbrook Academy.