Trust Leadership

Trust Governance

All schools in the Seckford family are governed by a board of trustees.  The Secretary of State for Education and the Seckford Foundation have the ability to nominate individuals or charities to become members. Trustees on the board are appointed by the members. The current members of the Trust are the Seckford Foundation, Mr R Finbow, Mr J S Fletcher and Mr J Wellesley Wesley (Chair of the Trust).

You can read more about our trustees by clicking here.

The Trust Board includes two parent directors, who have to be a parent/carer of a student at one of our schools at the time they are elected. An election is required if the number of applicants is greater than the number of vacancies.

Sub-committees feed into the Trust Board, namely the Finance Audit and Resources Committee, the Academic Committee and the Pastoral Committee. In addition there are Local Advisory Bodies for each of the Trust’s Schools (Beccles, Ixworth, Maidstone and Causton, and Saxmundham). Click here for the terms of reference of these committees and Local Advisory Bodies.

The governance structure of Seckford Education Trust and its family of  schools is depicted in the chart below:

The Chairs of the Trust Board and its Committees are as follows:

  • Chair of Trust Board – Mr J Wellesley Wesley
  • Chair of Finance Audit and Resources Committee – Mr J Chin
  • Chair of Academic Committee – Mr G Bruce
  • Chair of Pastoral Committee – Mr G Watson

If you wish to contact the trustees please call 01394 615100, email or write to Chair of Trustees, Seckford Education Trust, Marryott House, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4JJ.

Local Advisory Bodies

Seckford Education Trust has Local Advisory Bodies for all its schools. Find out more about the Local Advisory Body at each of our schools by clicking on the links below:

Trust Leadership Group

The Trust Leadership Group (or TLG) is the first tier of operational leadership of the Trust, dealing specifically with strategic issues affecting the whole organisation. Members of the group are:

  • Mr G Watson, Chief Executive of the Seckford Foundation (Chair)
  • Mr M Barrow – Chief Operating Officer (Education)
  • Mr D Lees – Chief Operating Officer (Strategy and Development)

Trust Extended Leadership Team 

The Trust Extended Leadership Team (TELT) consists of the senior leaders of the schools which includes the Cross-Trust Assistant Headteachers (AHT) of each school.

  • Mr Jason Pentney, Cross Trust Assistant Head Teacher, (Progress and Standards)
  • Mrs Shona Power, Cross Trust Assistant Head Teacher, (Head of Pastoral)
  • Mrs Pia Parker, Cross Trust Assistant Head Teacher, (Head of Pastoral)
  • Mr Robert Battle, Head of School, (Saxmundham)
  • Miss Elizabeth Isaac, Head of School, (Saxmundham)
  • Mrs Sarah Marsden, Cross Trust Assistant Head, (Head of Pastoral)
  • Mrs A Mellor, Lead Practitioner, (English)
  • Mr James Woolven, Lead Practitioner, (Humanities)
  • Mr Christopher Beales, Senior Teacher, (Timetable)

Local Senior Leadership Teams

Each school is supported by the TELT and led by the Headteacher with a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) comprising of the the Assistant Headteacher(s) and members of the Extended Leadership Team (ELT), including Subject Leaders in key subjects:

  • SET Beccles School – Mr D Lees (Headteacher), Mr J Pentney (Assistant Headteacher (Progress and Standards) / Subject Leader (Maths) and Shona Power (Assistant Headteacher (Head of Pastoral) – ELT includes Mr G Butler (Subject Leader (Science) Joint Teaching & Learning Lead) and Jade Reeve (SENDCo).
  • SET Ixworth School – Mr M Barrow (Headteacher), Mrs P Parker (Assistant Headteacher), Mr C Beales (Subject Leader (Maths and Numeracy)), Mr H Cooper (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mr B Hale (SENDCo) and Mr P Reardon (Subject Leader, Creative).
  • SET Saxmundham School – Mr R Battle (Head of School), Mrs E Isaac (Head of School), Miss S Marsden (Assistant Headteacher (Head of Pastoral)) and Mr J Woolven (Curriculum) – ELT includes Mrs A Mellor (Teaching & Learning) and Mrs J MacDonald (SENDCo).

You can read the Scheme of Delegations for the Trust by clicking here